Helena Carpet Repair
All types of carpet repairs from patching to rips and tears, we can take the carpet from your closet if you don’t have any replacement carpet to use for the repair.

Helena Carpet Binding
Carpet binding is cutting to size and finishing the edges to prevent fraying and prolonging the life of your carpet. Carpet can be cut and bound to your specifications.

Nonskid Backing
Nonskid backing is a felt rubber backing that we can apply to the back of your pieces of carpet or custom area rugs prior to binding to protect any carpet or any hard floor surfaces to prevent slipping.

Custom Area Rugs
We can create any design that you can think of in any size.

Carving & Beveling Carpets
When you bring two pieces of carpet together for an elegant professional looking rug.

Used around area rugs and carpet to add color and enhance the room. We can bevel the edges for the 3d look too.

Sisal Binding / Wide Border Binding
We use 3” or 5” width sisal binding tape. This application is a no-stitch look in which the sisal tape is top-stitched, then hot-glued to the back of the carpet. The front exposure can range anywhere from 1.25” – 2.5”. This is the highest priced application because it involves more labor due to the process of which it is applied.

Another consideration to the application is the way you would like the corners to look. The standard is a boxed corner, where the material is squared to the edge and securely fastened on the back. The other option is mitered corners, in which the material is angled at 45 degrees then securely fastened to the back of the carpet. Mitered corners do cost extra as they are more labor intensive; plus, they give the carpet a more luxurious finish. While this application can be put onto any carpet, there are cases when the no-stitch look has to be used due to the fibers of the carpet, which is something to keep in mind if you plan on having sisal binding on your carpet.

Carpet Base Coving
Carpet Base/ cove base is a commercial application you’ll generally
see in hospitals, motels, home offices, hotels & schools.

There are no rules with carpeting; Even if you like carpet base for residential purposes that’s possible too! Carpet Cove Base is carpet cut into thin strips, the size can vary anywhere from 2″ to 6″, the binding is then applied to the visible edge of the carpet strip. The strips are then located along the walls where there is carpet  just as you would use wood baseboards, vinyl, or rubber types.

Carpet Cove Base is attractive and versatile. It can be made from the same carpet that is installed so it matches the color perfectly. It also has benefits your housekeeping staff as it doesn’t leave a mark when it’s hit with vacuum cleaners. We use 3/4” polyester binding, nylon thread & monofilament as the standard application

Carpet Serging
Serging is when yarn gets wrapped around the edge of the carpet repeatedly. This is an application you’ll see mostly on high-end carpeting;  woven goods or Orientals carpets commonly have serging as a standard application. We use a cotton yarn, 3/4″ polyester binding & an industrial strength wax-coated nylon thread for this application. The serging machines we use bind & serge simultaneously, ensuring for the best quality serging in the area!

We can inlay your logo on any piece of carpet or area rug to personalize your company or business.

Carpet Re-stretching
We can fix your loose carpet by re-stretching it.